Camplifier 180

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180W mono add on amplifier module for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier.

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Power 180W @ 8 ohms
Suitable speaker impedances 8 or 16 ohms
Fan yes - extremly silent !
Weight 1,9228lb
Recommended application At home, in the studio, band rehearsal, Club-gig, large stages

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Camplifier 180

Upgrade your KPA to become a real amplifier head.

Put in on top of your 4x12" and start to ROCK !

  • 180 watts/8 ohms
  • 360 watts max
  • jack input (unbalanced)
  • speakon - 1/4" combi socket for speaker connection
  • illuminated power switch
  • IEC socket
  • power cable included in delivery
  • 120V and 230V version available*
  • voltage selector switch (120V/230V) available (optional) for world wide usability
  • volume knob available (optional)
  • weight: 1 kg

More information and videos on the Digital guitar Gear web site !

*The 120V version will operate from 100V-120VAC and the 230V version will operate from 220-240VAC line voltage.

We will send the suitable version to your country, so you don`t have to worry about that. For example, we will send the 120V version to the United States and the 230V version to Australia.

If you would like to travel with your Camplifier to other countries with a different line voltage standard, for example from Australia to the United States, please choose the "voltage selector" option.



Fantastic Product

I received my Camplifier 180 today and I'm more than happy with the results. I was initially worried that 180 watts wouldn't produce enough volume for gigging purposes. How wrong was I! This thing is LOUD!!! More than enough power for most players.

Like other reviews mention, I recommend adding volume control to the unit. It's a very handy addition and doesn't cost much more.

Great work!


really impressed

I played the amp through a 4x12 Orange cabinet and am really impressed. Sounded great and matches the profiles perfectly. I love how it fits within the back of the Kemper.

My friend, who plays in a hard rock/metal band with a 100w Engl head was very skeptical (as was I) when I told him I was buying a solid state amp (and he thought it was 360w). He heard the 180 and was blown away. He played a gig last night and was told to turn his Engl down (I was there and it was very loud). He said the Camplifier was louder than he played the Engl and that he could gig with it. He has been anti-digital for years and today said he has been converted after hearing it with the Camplifier and that he now wants to buy two Kempers.

Also, although I was unsure whether I needed a volume control, I'm glad I did as it is useful when scanning presets as I can have the volume down low while I run through them, and then just set it back to maximum when I find what I want.

I couldn't be happier with the purchase, so thank you. I'll be sure to recommend your products to folks who have the unpowered version of the Kemper.

And finally, thank you for the great customer service.



I used to build hot rods, now I build guitars, and i am some kind of a nutty perfectionist. The way this amp is engineered and put together is as good as it gets. It’s dead quiet and does absolutely nothing to my sounds other than make them louder. For a guy who has spent his whole life lugging Fender tube amps around, I will never have any clue how you were able to make anything like this so small and light, and still have it work. In all, thanks for a great product.


Camplifier 180

This is best Kemper amplifier you can find on the market. This amplifier is handuilt in Germany by Mr Tillman. The customer service is excellent and the packaging was extremely safe. Everything is working great, my Kemper profiles sounds at their bests. Easy to install, easy to use, everything is top quality. thank you RitterAmplifier!


Qualità e Servizio Eccezionale

La spedizione è stata velocissima ed il Camplifier 180 mi è arrivato protetto da un ottimo imballo. Il montaggio nel Kemper ha richiesto effettivamente non più di 5 minuti. Sono rimasto favorevolmente colpito dalla qualità di questo finale. Attualmente lo sto utilizzando con un profilo Friedman HBE "direct amp peofile" ovviamente con la simulazione della cassa disabilitata. Il suono che esce è assolutamente convinvente!

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Camplifier 180

Camplifier 180

180W mono add on amplifier module for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier.