Camper Plus cabinet

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Our ready built high end full range flat response speaker cabinet !

The Camper Plus FRFR + GFR speaker DIY kit,already assembled into the Palmer unloaded cabinet.

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The perfect speaker cabinet for your Kemper Profiling Amplifier / AXE-FX / Line6 or other profiling and modeling gear.

The Camper Plus cabinet is designed for the use with guitar profiling or modelling gear, where the speaker profile / model will remain part of the overall sound experience.

You want to incorporate this fine cabinet into your setup, but you Don`t want to spend time drilling holes, fixing screws and solder wires ?

No problem, we got you covered !

We take our Camper Plus DIY kit and install it for you into the PALMER unloaded 1x12" cabinet for you.

The ready built cabinet will give you the choice to run it in either mode FRFR or GRFR.

If the cabinet is run in FRFR mode, it can be used the same way a good full range stage monitor or even studio monitor would be used.

The use of the cabinet is not limited to electric guitar sounds but can be used for vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar and even string instruments.

In GRFR mode the cabinet is especially useful for classic electric guitar sounds.

Since the Camper Plus cabinet is designed to leave a very small footprint on the overall sound, you will be able to listen to different speaker profiles or models as they were profiled or modeled by the gear you use to shape your guitars sound.

Technical specification of the finished cabinet :

  • 1×12″ broad band speaker  ( directivity/dispersion 80x80°)
  • 1/2" tweeter  ( directivity/dispersion 60x60°)
  • crossover network
  • full range flat response
  • 72-16.000 Hz (-3 dB)
  • guitar flat response
  • 72-10.500 Hz (-3 dB)
  • measures (lxhxd): 58x45x29 cm
  • weight: 17 kg
  • power handling 200 watts rms
  • 1/4" jack input for FRFR mode
  • 1/4" jack input for GFR mode



Bin begeistert !

Die Camper Plus Box ist heute angekommen und ich konnte sie bei unserer Bandprobe ausgiebig testen. Ich bin begeistert und meine Bandkollegen ebenso, brilliante Höhen, nie zu schrill und cremig in den Mitten und ... Druck ohne Ende


Endlich Druck !

Die Camper Plus Box ist heute angekommen. Vielen Dank! Erster Eindruck hat mich bereits umgehauen! Toller Sound und vor allem auch super feeling - endlich ist auch Druck da!
Schneller und Super Service und sehr sehr netter Kontakt!



Sound- Absolutely convincing and perfect for live on stage use.

Presence- not too shrill
Middle- warm and smooth
Treble- not too cutting, perfect
Bass- it can kick up to volcano level if you want

Power/Volume- it's amazing how much power and volume this box can handle.

I also have a Marshall JCM 2000 and 4x12 speaker but this new rig consisiting of Kemper, 2x180W camplifier built in and 2x Camper plus boxes blasts it out of the water!

The investment was well worth it and me (and my back, no 4x12 cab to drag around) are both very happy "Campers"! Cheers!!!

Klang- Absolut überzeugend und auf der Bühne, Live tauglich.
Presence- nicht zu Spitz
Mitten- warm und flauschig
Treble- nicht zu schneidend, perfekt!
Bass- es woomst wann man es will!!

Leistung/Lautstärke- Die Leistung ist wirklich sehr beeindruckend d.h

Ich habe auch ein Marshall JCM 2000 und 4x12 Box und das Kemper setup mit
Camper plus Boxen bläst sie aus dem Wasser!!!

Die Investition hat sich gelohnt und ich bin (und meinen Rücken, keine
4x12 Boxen mehr schleppen) sehr, sehr Happy.

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Camper Plus cabinet

Camper Plus cabinet

Our ready built high end full range flat response speaker cabinet !

The Camper Plus FRFR + GFR speaker DIY kit,already assembled into the Palmer unloaded cabinet.